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Message of the Day

Orlando Act of Terror Tragedy

I am in shock and share the horror of the public at this despicable hate crime. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. This tragedy highlights the vulnerability of the LGBT community to hatred and intolerance. The best way to counter the aims of those who seek to attack our values and divide us is to remember we are all one country and united will stand strong.

Stand with me to support the LGBT community – support equality, tolerance and diversity in all aspects.

I also wish to express gratitude for the public servants, and the many unnamed heroes who went beyond the call of duty to step in and lend aid where it was needed.

National Puerto Rico Day

Congratulations to all on this the 59th National Puerto Rico Day! This is an occasion for celebration and I share the enthusiasm of the so many that came out for the parades on 5th Avenue and Lindsay Park. I am in awe of the rich and distinguished contributions of Puerto Ricans such as the Borinqueneers, true heroes that have long deserved recognition. As an immigrant and social activist fighting to empower the under-represented, the theme “Un Puebla, Muchas Voces,” resonates with me personally.

My joy today is tempered by the passage this week of the GOP’s PROMESA House bill, which I, like Bernie Sanders, do not support. We object to its highly insulting nature, the lack of growth and favoring of speculators over retirees, among other unfair provisions.

The default was foreseeable and preventable, a result of decades of mismanagement and outright corruption. Where was Nydia for 24 years on this? Paid off by Wall Street and hedge fund money, her biggest donors, to do nothing. Now all Puerto Ricans, especially the weakest – students, retirees and the sick, will be paying for her failure. Thats no way to treat your own family!

Its totally outrageous that Nydia at the moment of truth DID NOTHING BUT CAVE IN TOTALLY to GOP legislation, and meekly accepted that it was “pass this or do nothing.” FIRE NYDIA!

If I will be so fortunate as to be your representative, I will demand protection for all in Puerto Rico, especially students and the most helpless. Resolving the unpayable debt bomb is not enough, I will legislatively link the future too.

City Hall Protest: Nydia and Lander Insults Asians – Protest Rally at City Hall They Must Apologize!

This week’s protest & press conference denouncing NYC Councilman Brad Lander, and his hateful language against supporters of Democratic Congressional Candidate Yungman Lee, was a great success. Nydia Velazquez’s silent assent to Lander’s attack has no excuse.